Skill descriptions

This guide invites students to approach music by listening, reading, and creating music by composing and playing. For practical reasons, the guide is divided into sections according to the traditional formal subjects: aural skills, music theory and music history. In practice, the different approaches complement each other. The section on music theory also includes a description of basic skills in reading music.

We start each section by describing the essential basic skills that students need in order to get started with music theory subjects within professional studies. In the section "Recommended skills" we describe skills that we encourage students to have in several areas in order to take full advantage of general music studies and to work with the repertoire in increasingly rich ways. General musicianship studies motivate and support students as they become more adept at studying and working on similar, even demanding, repertoire that they will face in their profession as musicians.

The skills are applied in practice in the section "Sample Assignments".

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