Sample Assignments

The sample assigments reinforce the skills described in this guide. In an ideal situation, the different areas of general musicianship skills support each other. For example, the ability to understand notation aurally is a central goal for aural-skills practice, but also plays an important role in musical analysis as well as harmony and voice leading

Many assignments refer to examples of recorded music that can be easily found in the Naxos Music Library or on Spotify. The specific details of a recording are listed in the case of some examples of contemporary music. We have also attached links to musical scores outside this guide. The Naxos Music Library can be accessed via many city libraries and at the Sibelius Academy library.

Due to copyright, the selection of musical example does not cover all musical styles. The links only include works whose copyright has expired, and Finnish contemporary music from the Music Finland web page. We also refer to some 20th- and 21st-century compositions whose sheet music can be relatively easily found at libraries.

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