A Guide for Bachelor Study Applicants and New Students, with Sample Assignments

This is a guide for students who plan to apply for classical instrumental or vocal studies, or church music studies at the Sibelius Academy. The guide describes the general musicianship skills which are associated with various music-theory subjects, and other related areas of practical musicianship. The goal is to shed light on the kinds of musical tasks and situations that students will face as part of their professional studies, and to suggest how a student applying for professional studies can practise. We encourage students to study this guide together with their teacher.

In the section "Preliminary Skills", we first describe the skills recommended as the basis for bachelor studies, illustrated with sample assignments. The pedagogical points are meant for both the students and the teachers guiding them. The content is divided into sections as follows:
A. Aural Skills
B. Music Theory: skills relating to reading music, harmony, and music analysis
C. Music History


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